Run DryVR

To run DryVR, please run:

python inputFile/[input_file]

for example:

python inputFile/input_AEB


After you run the our tool, a reachTube.txt file will be generated in output folder unless the model is determined unsafe during simulation test.

To plot the reachtube, please run in the DryVR root directory:

python [dimension Number]

Where [dimension number] is the dimension you want to plot reachtube. Note that the dimension 0 is the local time for each mode and last dimension is the global time.

For example, input_AEB’s has 8 dimentions: sx_1,sy_1,vx_1,vy_1,sx_2,sy_2,vx_2,vy_2 (refer to The Autonomous Vehicle Benchmark for more details). You can choose to plot dimension from 0 to 9. Dimension 0 is the local time for each mode and dimension 9 is the global time. Dimension 1~8 corresponds to the state variables as above.

For example, to plot the reachtube for sx_1, please run

python 1

Note please do not use the tubePlotter function when system is checked to be Unsafe or Unknown (when no more refinement can be used).

When system is checked to be Unsafe, the counter-example simulation trace is stored in the output folder as unsafeSim.

More plot results can be found at the Examples page.